Special Needs Case

Hi friends! Every once in a while we stray (pun intended) from spay & neuter and focus on fundraising for a special needs case that is important to us. 

Meet Jose: I found this sweet, quiet little guy while driving through Puerto Rico with my brother. We noticed him running down the road dragging his back leg behind him. When we pulled over we realized he was being chased away by a man who was throwing water at him. When we called the pup he quickly ran up to us, wiggling his tail his hind leg still dragging. After a long journey, Jose is now in Los Angeles and awaiting surgery to fix his back leg. We are told it is an accident that happened when he was a puppy, due to some form of trauma. 

The surgery will be performed at Gateway Animal Hospital in Atwater and anything you can donate will greatly help. The surgery is being quoted at $2000.00 dollars and we want to thank all of you in advance for helping out. 

Here are some pictures of Jose's journey thus far. Despite all he has been through, he is the sweetest boy. Watching him slowly understand that everyone around him is good, and that all that is in store for him is love - its heartbreaking in the best possible way!   

There are two ways to help Jose!

Either click here and buy our made from recycled materials POOP Bags (100% of proceeds go to his surgery) or visit his GoFundMe

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